Pewter Live 2018 is no longer accepting entries.  To see the exhibition:
Pewter Live is open to the public on Wednesday 23rd May, 
between 10.00 and 12.00 and 14.30 and 17.30
Pewter Live’s mission is to encourage innovation in design in order to exploit pewter to its fullest potential and stretch the boundaries of this marvellous material. The aim is to bring pewter alive; to demonstrate an understanding of its inherent qualities, its appeal and relevance to contemporary consumers of all ages and tastes.
Open Category Brief 2018 - Entry Information
2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Pewter Live. In homage to this the Committee have set the challenge of producing an item, or range of items, that evoke a celebration, be it a wedding, christening, winning a competition or gaining a degree. The options are endless.
The judges are looking for a new slant on traditional items. Imagine aiming your item at a retailer such as John Lewis or Selfridges. What is going to make your piece stand out?

We encourage mixed media, although the item must be at least 50% pewter. The judges are looking for high quality pieces whether they are a one off designer item or something that could be mass-produced.
The challenge is open to any designer, manufacturer or student of three-dimensional objects based in the United Kingdom or Europe. Other Livery Companies are also welcome. If you are entering from another Livery Company please let us know.

​The item can be any size, though for large scale pieces please liaise with the Company regarding transport/display.

Working drawings and realistic costings needs to accompany the initial design stage by 30 January 2018 - Open Competition deadline (students please see the student brief).
​Prize: The First Prize will be £1,000 (subject to the judges’ decision).

Judging Panel:
The judges will be representatives of the media, retailers, makers and designers.

Please note there is an entry charge of £25 to cover administrative costs (see paypal link below).
​Key dates
  • 30 January 2018 – Closing date for entries – entry form, description and non-returnable sketches or images
  • February 2018 – Shortlisted entrants notified
  • 13 April 2018– Images and information (50 word description) to be sent by email for use in catalogue and advance publicity
  • 7 May 2018– Final designs to be delivered to Pewterers’ Hall
  • 24 May 2018 – Winners announced and prizes presented.

All the entries will be displayed in Pewterers’ Hall from 22 – 24 May 2018 (open to public 10.00-17.00 on 23 May) and entrants are invited to attend at 11.45 on 24 May for the Prizegiving Ceremony.

Return of designs: Entrants are to collect their entries and designs at the end of the Prizegiving on 24 May 2018 (approximately 14.00).

Outline Rules/Timetable see PDF below:
​Pewter Live (OPEN ENTRANTS ONLY) £25 entrant fee click below:
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Past Catalogues and Information


See our gallery of desginers and modern pewterterers as well as links to buy pewter
Download Pewter Live 2018 Open entry form (word)
Download Pewter Live 2018 Open entry form (pdf)
​​For more manufacturers go to the Designers Gallery (see left hand links): 

  • Where can I get an entry form?

Go to Pewter Live 2018 for more information or download a form (links left).

  • Who is eligible to enter?

OPEN: The competition will be open to any UK or European designer or pewter maker. Please note there is an entry charge of £25 to cover administrative costs (see brief for more details).

STUDENT: The Competition will be open to any student studying at a British University or College holding a Student’s Union Card. .

  • Will I be able to take my entry home with me?

The entry will remain yours to keep. However the WCOP may wish to will reserve the right to keep and publish photographs of it. Students are asked to take their designs away with them after Prize Giving unless specifically asked otherwise.

  • Design Protection

All entrants are advised to take out their own design protection.The catalogue for 2018 will have details on design protection.