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The Worshipful Company of Pewterers

In "The Livery Companies of the City of London", The Princess Royal writes,

"the core of the Livery's ethos is timeless: fellowship, welfare, education, supporting trade and at all times working in the best interest of the communities in which they operate"


The Pewterers’ Company is an ancient and continually evolving foundation with medieval origins as a City Guild.  The earliest documented reference to it is in the records of the Corporation dated 1348 and the Company’s own records are extant from 1451.  The first charter was granted by King Edward IV in 1473.  It is number sixteen in the order of  civic precedence among over a hundred livery companies.


The Company has an active, involved and diverse membership on individuals drawn from a wide range of backgrounds.  The Company’s principal activities are the support of the pewter trade in this country, the management of its charities, supporting the government of the City of London and the Armed Forces of the Crown and maintaining a lively and enjoyable corporate social life.  



The Pewter Trade

The Company is actively involved with the pewter trade and promotes via it's annual design competition PEWTER LIVE.  Pewterers' Hall has a large collection of modern & antique pewter and continuously commissions piece form new designers. There is a Gallery of Manufacturers on this website. The company also has links with The Association of British Pewter Craftsmen (ABPC). For more information go to: About Pewter



The Company has three charitable trusts:

  • The 500th Anniversary Trust which funds a Fellow at The Institute of Neurology, working on brain disorders and matters affecting the nervous system, specifically with regard to their relationship with heavy metals.

  • The Pewter Industry Charity which provides support to the pewter trade.

  • The Seahorse Trust  which disburses the Company’s charitable grants.  A significant proportion of these grants are educational. The Company gives full and active support to Livery Schools in its educational work in schools in the boroughs surrounding the City. It also supports Whirlow Hall Farm, a residential farm for inner-city children in Sheffield, the main centre of the pewter industry.

Members of the Company are expected to contribute financially to the Company’s charitable trusts and are encouraged to serve as trustees. 


Armed Forces of the Crown

The City Livery companies have a long standing tradition of support for the Armed Forces of the Crown.  In former times the Pewterers’ Company was required to raise and equip detachments of men for the army in time of war.  A store of armour was kept at the Hall and the services of an armourer employed to keep it good condition.  Today, the Company has warm and close affiliations with HMS Daring, a Type 45 destroyer, with the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - Scotland's cavalry - an armoured regiment equipped with the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank and based in Germany, with 3(Fighter) Squadron, Royal Air Force, the first operational squadron to fly Typhoon, and with the Middlesex and North West London Army Cadet Force, which has over 1000 cadets in 34 detachments all over North West London.  There are regular reciprocal visits to all the affiliates and the Company presents an annual award to an outstanding member of each unit.  These affiliations demonstrate the Company’s continuing support for the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces and  acknowledges the service that they give to the nation.


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